Vermeer Compact
Articulated Loaders

Vermeer compact articulated loaders are equipped with the features to help you perform on the jobsite.

High lift capabilities, telescopic boom, low turf disturbance, versatile machines and high maneuverability will allow you the versatility needed to complete a variety of jobs. Whether it be tree work, landscaping, snow removal – the Vermeer ATX can do it.



Vermeer ATX are equipped with a telescopic boom that extends straight out from the boom attached to the machine’s chassis, enabling you to accomplish tasks quickly that would usually require more maneuvering.

The booms use the durable double-H design, as well as telescopic and self-leveling features, which contribute to the machine’s strength. The self-leveling feature keeps heavy loads level to the ground, preventing you from continuously correcting the position with the joystick.

Telescopic boom benefits

  • Extendable boom for more reach
  • Horizontal reach if needed
  • Minimal tail swing for tight spaces
  • Accurate and precise positioning

All the applications

  • Pick up material using pallet forks from the opposite side of a trailer.
  • Dispose of jobsite debris quickly over the side of a tall
  • dump truck or trailer — no need to drive around to the back.
  • Pick up dropped-off landscaping material curbside.
  • Place mulch on the other side of bushes.
  • Put rock on the other side of a retaining wall.


Imagine the job and these machines can do it. Compact to fit on many jobsites. Versatile to perform numerous applications. Vermeer compact articulated loaders (ATX) are designed to tackle countless jobs. They’re known for ease of use and maneuverability while providing the added benefit of low turf disturbance. A telescopic boom extends reach on the jobsite considerably, while a multi-tool attachment plate can be equipped to complete an array of jobs such as snow removal, tree care work, landscaping projects and more. Imagine the job and let’s get it done.


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