Get better results and fewer maintenance issues with Vermeer disc mowers

Vermeer improved the standard design for disc mowers with innovations that produce high cutting performance while reducing maintenance needs. Each one features a bi-shaft design with each disc self-contained and pre-packed with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricants to increase operating life. Add in heavier cutting discs, super-sized skid shoes and other features, and you’ve got a disc mower that gets the job done.

Model Cutting Width Drawbar Horsepower
M5040 81 in (205.7 cm) 45 hp (33.6 kw)
M6040 94 in (238.8 cm) 60 hp (44.7 kw)
M7040 110 in (279.4 cm) 70 hp (52.2 kw)
M8040 126 in (320 cm) 80 hp (59.7 kw)

7040 3-Point Disc Mower